Dog License Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Who must purchase a dog license?

Ohio state law requires any dog over the age of 3 months to have a license within 30 days of ownership. Any license purchased after 30 days of ownership, or renewed after the annual renewal period must include a penalty equal to the cost of the license Tag renewal.

Ohio law (ORC 955.21) requires that licenses be renewed each year between December 1st and January 31st.

Where do I purchase a dog license in Jackson County?

During dog tag season:

You can purchase a license online at www.doglicenses.us/oh/jackson.

Location Name Street Address City, State Zip
Jackson Co Commissioners 275 Portsmouth St. Jackson, OH 45640
Jackson Co Auditors office 226 E Main St Jackson, OH 45640
Jackson Co Dog pound 248 Reservoir Rd. Jackson, OH 45640
Quick Stop 430 E Main St Jackson, OH 45640
Main Express 16 N Front St Oak Hill, OH 45640
Paws a while Kennel 6797 Four Mile rd. Jackson, OH 45640
Animal Unlimited 640 Mt. Zion Rd Jackson, OH 45640
Mt. Zion Animal clinic 3512 Mt Zion Rd Jackson, OH 45640
The Detour 7575 St RT 327 Wellston, OH 45692

After dog tag season:

You may purchase with the Dog Warden, at the County Commissioner’s office, at the County Auditor’s office or www.doglicenses.us/oh/jackson.

How much do tags cost?

Fees are set by the Board of Jackson County Commissioners

  • Adult dog license are $14.00 per dog, due by January 31st (a late fee will be enforced if not post marked by the due date.)
  • Kennel licenses are $70.00 for 5 tags and are available at the Auditor’s office or from the Dog Warden. Each additional tag is $1.00.
  • 3 year tags are available for $42.00 and nontransferable.
  • Permanent tags are 140.00 and nontransferable.
  • After July 1st of the current year, any puppy under 3 months of age may receive a puppy tag for $7.00.
  • Current year fee is penalized by fee amount if purchased after January 31st.

Why do I need to License my Dog?

It’s the Law…

If your dog is lost, we can’t find you if it isn’t wearing a tag. We want nothing more than to keep all dogs united with their owner.